Joelle Pfiel ‘17 – Kayley Grenough ‘17 is a new student at Romeo High School, and she can already tell that we have a lot of school spirit.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t see someone wearing Romeo apparel. Also, the student section during the football games are amazing with all the cheers to help lead our team to victory,” Greenough notices.

She likes high school much more than she expected. Having played volleyball for three years, including time with Powell Middle School’s seventh and eighth grade teams, Greenough made this year’s freshmen volleyball team. This year, she plays the “middle hitter” position.

Greenough’s bright personality separates her from the crowd and shows best when she’s hanging out with her friends.

“I tend to be shy at first but once I’m comfortable I can be the funniest, most outgoing person there is,” Greenough said.

The adjustment from middle school to high school can be a big one: there are different beginning and ending times to remember for each class, a different amount of classes in the day, and a large variety of new classes to choose from. Although she’s only been in the high school for a couple of weeks, she already knows who her favorite teacher is.

“Mr. Couch. He can always find humor and something exciting while teaching to keep us paying attention,” Greenough remarked.

Greenough has much to look forward to in her next four years. Greenough really likes Romeo High; her favorite thing about school are the physical education classes, which give her the opportunity to become healthier with her friends. Plus, they’re more fun than sitting at a desk, listening to lectures. Her amazing attitude towards life and everything it throws her way makes her a very enjoyable person to be around.

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