Joelle Pfiel ‘17- As a sophomore at Romeo High School, Katherine Messing ‘17, known as Katie to her friends, is under a lot of pressure. Being a role model for her younger brother and sisters while keeping her grades up is a lot to put on someone. To put an ease on all of the stress, she spends most of her free time taking photographs.

“I really enjoy taking pictures because it lets me express what I love to do,” said Messing.

She takes pictures of many different things, whether it be a family birthday party, sporting event, or even just when she is out and about. Whatever the circumstance, she tries her best to capture the moments and the memories well.

“I take pictures on a variety of different things, it’s not just one specific thing,” Messing said.

She got her first camera, a D3200 Nikon HDSLR, as a Christmas gift last year from her grandma and grandpa.

“I was so excited when I opened my present and saw that is was a camera,” Messing said. “I have wanted a good camera like this one for such a long time, because all I had before to take photos was my iPod. I would borrow my Grandpa’s camera as often as I could, trying to get nice photos. Now that I have my own, though, I can do what I love when I want.”

Just like getting any other new electronic, there’s a lot of stress in attempting to put it together and learn how it works. It wasn’t her favorite part, but it was worth it in the end.

“All the time I spent going through the directions and learning and going step by step was well worth it,” Messing said. “I need to continue working on improving my skills with my camera, so that my pictures will turn out better, but I am sure I can get it down in no time.”

Photography, as with many other hobbies, is an outlet for stress and creativity. You can see the world through the lens of your camera, and by doing this, you’re presenting your world to everyone else through your art.

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