Haley Golembiewski ‘20: You look up and all you see lights dancing across the sky and a castle illuminates your vision. It’s warm and humid with music playing in the background, only overpowered by the sound of laughing, screams of delight, and the pop and crackling of fireworks illuminating the stars. You practically feel the magic in the air.

Do you know where you are?

Disney World.

Karia Johannas ’20 dreams of this feeling every day, but she isn’t the only one, her whole family does too.

Johannas is one of five children. Her family includes her Mom, Dad, two older sisters along with an older and younger brother who all love Disney.

“There are so many of us it feels like I am part of the Weasleys,” says Johannas.

In fact, the Johannas’ love Disney so much, they take a trip there every year during the summer.

They only share their love of Disney with soccer.

Johannas plays on a travel soccer team called the Nationals and is an attacking midfielder.  She dedicates every moment she does not spend hating school, training. Johannas hopes to make the high school’s varsity soccer team this year, as a sophomore.

“I train every day that I can, either with my team or in my backyard or basement with my brother or dad,” Johannas said. “I put in as much work as I can and hope to make it to the next level because soccer is my life. I don’t really do anything else.”

The only thing anyone will ever catch Johannas wearing are tournament t-shirts or jerseys of her favorite player, Messi. With her straight, long brown hair tied back in a ponytail wearing no makeup, ever, and behind Johannas’ chocolate brown eyes, all you see is a 15 year old girl determined to be the best she can be.

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