Aleigha Warren ‘18: Life is like a piano, never in tune but somehow intensely beautiful. The white represents the happiness, the incredibly large smiles painted onto pink lips. The black represents the sadness, the tears burnishing down your cheeks as if they’d never come to an end. But as life continues on, you have to remember that the black keys create the music, the never ending, flowing music.

Life is like a piano.

In the life of Kaitlyn Sherman, a current tenth grader, the black keys represent the fear of failure. The bitterness of the unknown, of what to come.

“The fear of failing is what drives me to succeed and try my best,” Sherman said.

Failure is the core of every human being, the longing fear of every human being. We all want to succeed, make it big, be an impact. Because without that, what are we?

“Success is being in a state where you are happy with who you are and you’re truly happy with what you’re doing in life,” Sherman states.

The fear of failure makes her push harder in her academics, and her wild love for softball. The sport is an escape for her. The escape from reality. Focusing on the player in front of her as she gets ready to pitch. Sweat drips down her back in small drops, matting her shirt to her tanned skin. All she can hear is her steady breathing and pumping heart as she swings, pitching the ball to the opposite team.

Strike. She smiles.

Even through the blackness of keys, there’s always more white. Failure is not holding the tenth grader back, but only pushing her forward as she delivers her dreams of softball and traveling around the world because “being in one spot for too long is boring,” Kaitlyn doesn’t know what she wants to do in the next five years, even the next ten, but as she follows the path of black and white, she’ll find her way just fine.

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