Lindsey Hernden ’14 -Feature

From Safety to Midfield, football to lacrosse, fall to spring, and year to year, student-athlete Jacob Archutowski (12) rarely has a minute of peace. He competes in Varsity Football and Varsity Lacrosse, both of which require strenuous training all year round. However, Archutowski is far from just an athlete. Taking multiple AP classes in his senior year, he is committed to putting the same energy and fervor into his academics.

“I have to go out of my way to make sure everything gets done, whether it be going to after school tutoring before practice or getting to school early to do my homework,” Archutowski said.

Having excelled at his athletic activities as well as managing his time, Archutowski is considering taking his sports career to the next level with college lacrosse.

“It’s not as hard as everyone thinks, I go to school, go to practice, do my homework, take a shower, then go to bed. But its worth it, I love the competition and all the time I get to spend with my friends that share the same love,” Archutowski said.

That love for competition, and drive to succeed, is what fuels Archutowski in his sports, academics, and his life in general.

“I either go big, or go home,” Archutowski said.

This attitude fuels his desire to be successful not only sports, but in school and life as well.From school to the field, practice to homework, and tests to games, Archutowski gives his all across the board.

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