Isabella Capanda ‘19: Recognized by her trademark long hair and square framed glasses, Charlotte Sheets ‘19 is one of the many gifted students at Romeo High School. A part of both the Romeo Marching Band and the Byting Bulldogs robotics team, Sheets juggles a busy schedule.

“I play the saxophone in the band,” Sheets ‘19 said. “I started band when I was in seventh grade, and I honestly wish that it had been sooner.”

Sheets is extremely proud of her solo and ensemble achievements as well as having the opportunity to compete at the state level. She hopes that this year she’ll be apart of the youth orchestra and to have more chances like this.

Robotics is Sheets’ most time consuming activity, and she loves every second of it.

“I started robotics my freshman year, so I’ve been apart of the robotics team for three years now,” said Sheets ‘19. “Last year I was the pilot for our drive team. Being a part of that team allowed me to help take us all the way to the world championship.”

On top of that, she is currently enrolled at Macomb Community College where she takes classes such as Accelerated Astronomy and Music Appreciation. Sheets dreams of going to University of Michigan or Kettering University.

“I want to go into a career with aerospace engineering and mechanical design,” said Sheets ‘19. “Working at NASA would be a dream come true.”

With high hopes for the future, Sheets is ready for whatever life throws her way.

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