Mikela Gorski ‘15 – She’s young, she has style, if one is a part of her class she would most likely make them smile. Brittany Adams is the mother of a two year old and Romeo’s second American Sign Language teacher. Adams’ son even knows a few signs himself and everyday he learns new signs thanks to his mom. She frequently jokes to her students “if my two year old participates and learn signs, so can my middle and high schoolers.” Adams’ always tries her best to spread optimism.

“I enjoy teaching in Romeo much more than I did at my last school. It’s definitely a lot more challenging,” Adams said.

Adams’ love for American Sign Language began when she entered middle school. She continued taking classes in high school. After high school she started taking courses at Central Michigan University. Adams studied there for one year, and this led to her transfer to Madonna University. She continued her studies there for four years. Some may say Adams does it all… Her day begins at the high school, where she teaches for two hours, then Adams makes her way to Romeo Middle School, and finally she ends her day at Powell Middle School.

“After going from school to school, I’m exhausted. Ultimately, though, it is rewarding. I get to see different kinds of kids,” Adams said.

Adams has been teaching American Sign Language for three years. She taught two years at Lapeer, before making the switch to Romeo.

“I enjoy being a teacher in Romeo. It is much more closer to home than Lapeer was,” Adams said.

Adams plans on staying in Romeo for a while. She loves sharing her passion of American Sign Language with her students. Adams is a wonderful new edition to our school!

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