Megan Ferguson ‘19 : From the golf course, to Barnabo field, Ashley Burt makes an impact throughout the halls of Romeo High School. Burt’s been involved in band since 6th grade, is excited to what this year, in marching band, will bring.

“My favorite part about band is going out and playing during half time,” Burt ‘21 said.

Through years of practicing and performing on the bass drum, playing comes easy to her. Performing comfortably in front of a large crowd, whether in the auditorium or on Barnabo field, no longer worries Burt.

Members of the marching band not only are required to play music, they also need the physical stamina to go along with it. Burt has just that. Not only performing in marching band, Burt also just recently began playing on the girls golf team.

“The best part about being on the golf team is that a lot of my friends do it, so it’s something that we can do together,” Burt said.

From performing in band and playing on the golf team, one can expect a physical and mental strain on someone, yet Burt continues to balance both with the help of her sister, Madi Burt ‘18.

“My sister [Madi] influences me a lot. All the stuff she does, she never stops trying,”  Burt said.

Throughout high school, Ashley and Madi know they can continually be able to count on each other for anything and that they are always there for motivation.

Playing in band and participating on the golf team not only gave Burt the courage to continue to be herself, but gave her confidence in everything she accomplishes.

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