Megan Ferguson ‘19: Balancing her time between tennis, work, school and friends, Amy Laurie ‘18 leads a extremely hectic lifestyle. Constantly on the go, she always finds harmony and peace in her way of life. Although chaotic, Laurie is excited for what the end of her high school career will hold.

In her element, Laurie’s skill and passion for tennis flows easily. As the 2018 season opens, she hopes to put her best foot forward and make her senior season the best one yet.

“I have been playing tennis for six years,” Laurie ‘18 said. “It’s a really fun sport, really anyone can play and Romeo has a great team.”

Through hours of practice, playing tennis became effortless to her, landing Laurie on the Romeo Varsity Tennis team for her third year. As much of a mental game as it is physical, it’s vital to rely on her support system. Aiding in Laurie’s success include her parents, and teammates.

“We [the team] all cheer each other on and watch each other play,” Laurie said. “They [her parents] give me good advice and pep talks to get me motivated.”

Although balancing her crazy schedule isn’t easy, Laurie wouldn’t trade her insane, incredible life for anything.

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