Rebecca Sebastian ‘20: As RHS gets closer and closer to competing against Eisenhower, Romeo’s greatest rival, fans excitedly prepare for the biggest game of the year. Many different groups of students come together to create a loud and entertaining game. 

“The atmosphere is exciting and crazy,” Dawg Pound member, Anders McCulla ‘20, said. “It’s a big rivalry and the games are always exciting.”

Looking forward to game time, the Dawg Pound decided to come decked out in their red, white, and blue to go with their theme of USA., which the cheer team also contributed with support and promotion of the theme. 

“My team makes signs,” Brianna Glowiki ‘21, cheerleader, said. “I feel really excited and pumped to beat Ike and love helping get fans involved to cheer the team on.”

Along with the cheerleaders, the band loves to get the fans involved. They play an important role in getting the fans hyped up and ready to cheer also promoting the USA theme. 

“It is really exciting to get to play during the game. It is a really great atmosphere and everyone around you gets really into the game when we do cheers and play songs. It’s always a fun night and it makes you feel like you’re an important part of the game,” band member, Jenna Sabath ‘22, said. 

With the big game taking place tonight at 7pm at Swinehart, members of the football team look forward to taking that first step onto the field. 

“Playing against Ike is an amazing feeling. You feel like you are about to have the best time of your life,” Dominic Giancarli ‘20 said. “The fact that every teacher, student, and parent expects us to win motivates you.”

Everyone at the game helps spread motivation to each other, and get one another excited throughout the game. 

“What motivates us is just how excited everyone gets for the game. There are always so many people that go and everyone is looking forward to it all week,” Sabath said.

As Romeo hopes for another victory to continue their 3-0 winning streak, the fans, band, and cheerleaders begin to support the team and motivate them to leave with a win.

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