Charles Roth ’14 – Sports Editor

On September 26, 2013 the Romeo High School girls swim team was scheduled to swim against Fraser High School. However, both teams assumed that it was a home meet, so neither made the trip.  After both teams realized the dilemma that their opponents were not showing up, the coaches contacted each other, and set up a virtual meet. Luckily, there were officials on both sites, so the virtual meet was able to run.  Both schools swam in their own pools and called in the times and scores of each race.

“It was different, It didn’t really feel like a meet because we were the only ones there,” Emily Bradley senior swimmer said.

 At the end, the scores were tallied up and Romeo won the meet.  The teams have scheduled the meet for October 1st.

Above: Finishing the 100 yard butterfly, swimmer Olivia Cali swims against herself, and teammates in their virtual swim meet. “ It was weird because you didn’t have any competition in the other lanes,” Cali said. The bulldogs have rescheduled the meet for October 1st.


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