Elizabeta Lulati ‘19: Link Crew: a class and club that Romeo High School provides to juniors and seniors with a goal to make the lives of freshman a lot easier through taking on leadership teaching roles by planning certain events and activities. In order to get accepted, a video needs to get sent to Mrs. Knoblock or Mr. Hinkle, stating why they would make a great a leader, and also talking a little bit about themselves. From this the teachers pick the people who seem most fit for the position.

Hannah Davis ‘19, a link leader for the past two years, states what leadership means to her.

“A good leader is always ahead, looking out for people before themselves. Being a link leader taught me so many things that I thought I already knew,” Davis ‘19 said. “You need good communication skills and have to learn how to work your way around a problem without backing down, having knowledge to see the different types of solutions and being able to problem solve.”

Link Leaders take link kids out of their classes to catch up on their daily lives and school, helping them out and giving them advice if desired.

“Being a link leader includes building character and forming trust within the link kids you’re given. You form bonds with these kids and guide them into the right direction, we offer a lot of activities and other clubs centeraling the idea of leadership,” Davis ‘19 said .

Link Crew relieves some of the stress that high school brings to the lives of freshman. If any students need an elective to take for upcoming years, consider taking Link Crew, and helping out the younger high school students.

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