On Tuesday, April 22nd, Romeo High School’s yearbook and news site earned top state honors in design, photography, and writing at the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association Awards in Lansing. According to contest officials, 54 schools entered more than 1400 entries in the yearbook and digital media categories of photography, design, and writing. The conference, which is held annually, also judges yearbooks and news sites on their overall presentation. Both publications, The Juliet and R News, earned the highest award given, a Spartan ranking. In addition, Romeo students won 23 individual awards.

“I am really proud of the staff for all the hard work they put in making this book,” Brittany Losey, the 2013 Editor-in-Chief, said. “There were a lot of late nights, tears, and smiles that went into this book. I am extremely happy that we were able to create another award winning yearbook that the community can enjoy.”

Receiving first place honors this year included  Thomas Anderson for News Writing, Alyssa Pouliot for Graphic Design, Mallory Atkinson for Sports Action Photo and Madeline Schafer for School Spirit Photo . In addition to their first place awards, Pouliot was honored with six other awards achieving seven out of the 23 awards.

“Having great leaders like Brittany and Alyssa were a big part of how the yearbook class achieved the 23 awards that we won,” Kyle Grzegorzewski, the 2014 Juliet Editor-in-Chief, said. “The book was a blast to make and put together and I’m very glad to be part of such an amazing program.”

In its inaugural year, R News received its first Spartan. After spending much of the summer building their site, the staff finally had the work they put in all year vindicated.

“The whole concept of being an online publication is to be able to have an updatable site where you can get information out to your readers quickly, accurately and in an easily accessible way,” Jodie Bosheers, Online Editor, said. “I think as a team we’ve really accomplished this with our site by making it a good resource for news.”

With the nature of an online publication comes the obligation to keep readers informed of news as it happens. Sports Editor Charles Roth and his team have worked diligently all year at doing just that.

“Being able to access your audience via twitter makes it more efficient, and faster when reporting events in real time, technology has revolutionized the way our publication interacts with our audience we now have the ability to tweet or publish at any hour of the day,” Roth said.

But at the end of the day, it’s the audience’s response to the news that makes the site. Getting the Spartan made all the work that went into making the organization worth it for Editor-in-Chief Thomas Anderson.

“It’s a great honor for our staff to receive the top award in Michigan, especially with us only in our first year,” Anderson said. “It’s nice to know that the program started off on the right foot, and I know we will only get better as an organization.”

“I was ecstatic with the recognition from MIPA,” Kimberly Droope, yearbook and news site adviser, said. “As an adviser, I know how hard my students work.  They not only put in a lot of hard work, which often includes after school hours, they are emotionally invested in their publication.  I am so proud of the quality of their publication, their exemplary work ethic and the impeccable character they display working together as a team.”


2013 The Juliet MIPA Awards Received

Four 1st Place Awards

Alyssa Pouliot, Graphics

Mallory Atkinson, Sports Action Photo

Madeline Schafer, School Spirit Photo

Thomas Anderson, News Writing

Five 2nd Place Awards

Justyna Marasco, Organization Spread

Malory Atkinson, Personality Profile

Brittany Losey and Alyssa Pouliot, Theme Development

Brittany Losey, Endsheets

Brittany Losey and Alyssa Pouliot, Opening and Closing

Five 3rd Places Awards

Maria, Dalal, Jessica Schram and Joy Lee, Feature Writing

Anna Rashid, Personality Photo

Alyssa Pouliot, Student Life Spread

Alyssa Pouliot, Graphics

Kyle Grzegorzewski, Sports Action Photo

Nine Honorable Mentions:

Alyssa Pouliot, Cover

Madeline Schafer, School Spirit Photo

Emily Bradley, Club Photo

Madeline Schafer, Club Photo

Emily Bradley, Academic Photo

Justyna Marasco, Organization Spread

Stephanie Leitzel, Sports Reporting

Alyssa Pouliot, Student Life Spread

Taylor Wilson and Hailey Long, Sidebar Writing

Jessica Schram, Organization Writing


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