Austin Taseski ‘21: The senior and junior boys battle on Monday, November 19, at the second annual Powderbuff volleyball game. The Powderbuff game raises funds for the Class of 2019.

This game means a lot to the players as the seniors want to go for back-to-back wins against the juniors.

With a lot of confidence going into this year, the juniors hope to upset the seniors to take home the win.

“I’m excited to go out there and play and compete against all my friends,” Gregory Tarr ‘20 said.

The seniors on the other hand focus and practice during the week to secure the win against the juniors.

“With a loss last year as a junior I would like to show the seniors that we can win for a second time and we just have to practice and focus,” Jack Wendt ‘19 said.

The coaches on the other hand try to make sure the players enjoy their experience playing volleyball.

“This year we are just going to make sure the players don’t get mad at each other and just make sure they have fun,” Emily Snay ‘20 said.

With the competitiveness of both classes, Romeo High School hopes to enjoy a great year of Powderbuff volleyball on Monday, November 19, beginning at 7:30 pm in the RHS main gym .

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