Steven Rasper ‘21: Hockey finally returns. The Romeo Bulldogs played against Grosse Pointe North Norsemen on February 8th for their first meet of the season. This happened shortly after Michigan’s Governor stopped all winter contact sports for fear of spreading the coronavirus. Now able to play their sports, student athletes look forward to every moment.

The Bulldogs played a tough game against the Norsemen and it paid off with a victory of 5-3. The first goal scored by Bulldog Kyle Giza ‘21 in the second period. GPN scored the next goal to keep the score tied in the second period. The Bulldogs scored their second goal in the second period by Nicco DeStefanis ‘22. GPN scored again for their second goal in the second period as well. At the end of the second period GPN conceded two more goals, scored by Vincent Ruffino ‘22 and DeStefanis giving Romeo a commanding lead over Grosse Pointe North. By the third period Grosse Pointe scored their third and final goal of the game. Romeo then kept their two point lead on GPN by scoring their fifth goal, which came from Evan Drouillard ‘21.

After long awaited play, the hockey team felt right at home when they got to compete.

“It felt very good to be able to get back out on the ice with the boys and get a big win especially after waiting much longer for the start of the season,” Giza said. 

Working hard throughout their training really paid off for the team as they got a big win.

“It was a great feeling to win the game. The team has worked really hard to make sure we are playing our best and I think this victory really shows how hard we trained,” Drouillard said.

The Bulldogs play again on Sunday, February 14th against Dakota.

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