Tyler Holman ‘19: As Halloween nears, students embrace the spooky season and can’t wait to watch scary movies all night long. Students enjoy the thrill of sitting on the edge of their seats shaking. Romeo High Students voted on their favorite Halloween themed movies.

In first place resides The Conjuring (2013). This horror features a family of seven and their dog as they move into a secluded farmhouse, that gained a reputation for supernatural events. The Warrens, paranormal activity inspectors, try to help the family but end up finding out the house’s grim history.

“It was really good and it was pretty scary,” Ryan Heimbuch ’19 said.

The movie IT (2017) follows in second. IT revolves around seven kids in Derry, Maine, who begin to experiencing visions of a clown. At first no one believes them, but later they research and discover the myth of Pennywise, a bloodthirsty clown that tortures kids. Pennywise emerges every 27 years and the last time Pennywise appeared happened in 1990.

“I loved it. It was scary at some points but it was more funny than it was scary to me but the girl I was with thought it was very scary,” Reese Ford ‘20 said.

Haunting third dwells The Nun (2018). The Nun follows a nun that took her own life in Romania. Then a priest, haunted by his past and with the help of other nuns, confronts the evil presence in the form of a demonic nun.

Stirring up paranormal activity, Insidious (2010) takes fourth. Insidious depicts a story of a child stuck in a coma as a result of events that remain unexplained. The parents of said child realize the house is haunted and go through drastic events to protect the child.

Jigsaw (2017) comes next occupying fifth. Jigsaw follows a string of murders all with the marking of the jigsaw killer, causing the law enforcement to chase after him, putting  them in a brand new game of cat and mouse.

The scary movie classic, Halloween (1978), spooks into sixth. This slasher film follows Michael Myers after he escapes a mental institute and returns to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois, killing unsuspecting teenagers on Halloween night.

“I thought it was good it wasn’t as scary as I thought but Michael Myers doesn’t die he took a headshot and kept walking adding to the horror,” Alexander Toghe ‘20 said.

In seventh place inhabits another Halloween classic, Friday The 13th (1980). Like it’s name states, this movie takes place on the scariest day of the year in this thrilling movie. It follows Jason as he hunts down camp counselors at Crystal Lake after those same counselors bullied and killed him when he went to the camp.

The Exorcist (1973) continues to frighten audiences and earns its place in eight. The Exorcist depicts a girl named Reagan who begins to levitate and speak in different tongues, worrying her mother. Her mother brings in a priest who believes that the devil possess Reagan, so he requests special help and the church sends an expert to take on this near impossible task.

In ninth place, A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). Don’t go to sleep after watching this thriller or Freddy Krueger might drop in for a visit. Freddy likes to prey on teenagers in their dreams, killing them in real life. Nancy and her boyfriend Glen try to investigate and get to the bottom of things before anyone else gets hurt.

‘Redrum’ continues to scare audiences as The Shining (1980) finishes in tenth. The Shining takes place in Estes Park, Colorado, at the erie Stanley Hotel. Jack Torrance just got a job there as the winter caretaker hoping to cure his writers block with his wife Wendy and son Danny who experiences psychic premonitions. As Danny’s visions get worse Jack begins to find the dark secrets of the hotel and turns into an enraged homicidal maniac.  

Watching scary movies remain a classic Halloween tradition. Curled up in a warm blanket surrounded by friends makes the experience all the better.

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