Ryan Medley ‘17-

Dear Santa,

This holiday season, I am feeling quite worn down. The voices are getting to me. All through the halls I keep hearing, “This school is freezing,” or, “The bathrooms are disgusting.” I have had enough. I have never asked for much over the years, I have been blessed with kids that can handle the conditions. Unfortunately times are changing and this holiday season I feel the need to ask for some upgrades:

  • A heating system that will keep my students warm. It is a necessity.
  • Down the road at Barnabo Field I am begging for a new stadium.

“After winning states I think the school deserves a renovated football stadium. We’re one of few schools in Michigan to still have a grass field,” Megan Ploetz ‘18 said.

  • New bathrooms. My bathrooms are in very poor conditions and filthy. It truly would provide a cleaner, safer atmosphere for my kids.
  • Updates to the boys locker room-it is atrocious. Many of the lockers don’t work, and I’ve seen poor kids slip and fall in the showers in which only a few showerheads function and there are often small floods. Not to mention there is only one functioning toilet in the boys locker room! Santa please for the sake of the children’s health and wellbeing fix up the locker room.
  • New bleachers. The gym has a new gym floor, but the bleachers are decades old. They are uncomfortable, hard to move, and things easily fall underneath them.
  • A new roof for the auditorium. When the stage is soaked, it’s a little hard to move around safely.
  • A new sound system in the auditorium. I’d like it if I could hear words and music through the speakers rather than screeching and static.
  • New carpet for all classrooms. 1977 called, they really want it back.
  • New windows. This could help with the freezing cold or scalding hot temperatures.
  • Fixed walls. There are cracks in the walls that let in all sorts of bugs and critters…having mice in the bathroom is not pleasant, nor is walking into class and seeing a beehive or a bat on the wall.

I understand I have asked for a lot and it may seem ridiculous because overall Romeo High School is filled with amazing people who deserve the best. That’s what keeps me going. I am not sure how much longer I can go with these conditions, please Santa listen, and read through my list and at least consider.

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