Jenna Knepper ‘21: Romeo High School holds another Block Schedule practice to further prepare students and teachers for the changes next year. On April 29 and 30, students participate in the schedule that they use next year at the new high school.

On Monday, April 29, students attend their first, third, forth, and fifth hours. While first and fifth hour resemble a block hour lasting a little under two hours, third and fourth hour remain the same lasting about one hour in order to bus students to and from RETC normally.

On Tuesday, April 30, the block schedule consists of second, third, fourth, and sixth hour. Again, third and fourth hour remain one hour long while second and sixth hour create the two hour block periods.

“Block Schedule is a great way to expand learning through a 90 minute period. I love that I will be able to take more classes and broaden my horizons,” said Romeo Student and Ambassador, Riley Ameel ‘21.

Next year, block schedule becomes a daily occurance and every block lasts around 90 minutes. The school day consists of four blocks of the same length since RETC bussing no longer exists next school year.

“Now that students don’t have to go to and from RETC everyday, the school can save time and money which is really great,” said Ameel.

Teachers and staff ask that all Romeo High students attend the block schedule practice on Monday and Tuesday, April 29 and 30, prepared and ready to go.

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