Megan Ferguson ‘19 & Marina Belloli ‘19: Moving towards a new and innovating future, Romeo High School implements a new learning environment with the opening of the Ninth Grade Academy.  Integrating the newly introduced academies into the school district, Romeo began the slow process of changing to a new version of education, beginning with the class of 2022.

Taking the first of many steps to direct students towards a desired career path, the Ninth Grade Academy takes the 440 incoming freshmen students and divides them into three teams, Discovery, Expedition, and Quest. Essential to the academies success, these small learning communities comprised of both students and teachers, provides students with a team environment with the focus on learning.

Within the three teams, each freshman student has the same core class teachers, moving from subject to subject together. Team Discovery includes Ms. Hardy, Mr. Galazka, Mr. Spresney, and Ms. Crenshaw. Representing team Expedition  Mr. Taubitz, Ms. Blaska, Ms. Cubitt, and Mr. Mathis. And representing team Quest, Mr. Carlin, Ms. D’Orazio, Mr. LeBlanc, and Ms. deVaux.

“Along with learning study skills and and exploring college and career options, the teams will have competitions throughout the year,” Kristen Famiano, counselor of the Freshmen Academy, said. “The teams are competing for the a Bulldog Statue in the same way NHL teams compete for the Stanley Cup.”

Not only does the freshman academy offer broad possibilities for the first year students, it also educates the students based on the ideas of the other academies, with the goal being to prepare them for college and or a career.

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