Kayla Kieleszewski ‘18: Moving towards a modern future, Romeo prepares to become the first public high school in Michigan to integrate academies into their educational environment. Planning to begin students at the new school in 2020, currently, the Romeo Engineering and Technology Center is under works to expand the building for students 10-12 and 9 at what is now, Powell Middle School.

Within these buildings, four different academies exists that focus on career specific education.

The Freshmen Academy

Representing the freshmen academy: Ms. Armstrong, Ms. Balchunas, Ms. Blaska, Mr. Carlin, Ms. Crenshaw, Ms. Cubitt, Ms. D’Orazio, Mr. Delamielleure, Ms. deVaux, Ms. Famiano, Mr. Galazka, Ms. Gibson, Ms. Hardy, Mr. Hinkle, Mr. Leblanc, Mr. Mathis, Mr. Spresney, and Mr. Taubitz.

“I feel very excited about the academies,” Taubitz said. “I think they’re necessary and a great thing for our future.”

The freshmen academy offers broad ideas and endless possibilities for the first year students. The freshmen academy educates based on the general idea of the three other academies in order to prepare newcomers for the next several years of high school.

The Academy of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation

The staff members of the business, entrepreneurship, and innovation academy: Ms. Aalbersberg, Ms. H. Anderson, Mr. J. Anderson, Ms. Boggio, Mr. Boggio, Ms. Borlinghaus, Ms. Coates, Ms. Elsey, Ms. Ferrington, Mr. Fugate, Ms. Kelso, Ms. Lawson, Ms. Mazur, Ms. Morgan, Ms. Parker-Losey, Ms. Roulo, Ms. Ruhlman, Ms. Selden, Ms. Taite, and Ms. Vallier.

“I did get the academy I wanted,” Morgan said. “I use to work in business before I was a teacher and I think I have a lot to contribute to the academy.”

Within the academy of business, entrepreneurship, and innovation, students focus on elements of finance, hospitality and tourism, information technology, marketing, and entrepreneurship. These career driven aspects better the students in ways to select the correct future job field for their personalities.

The Academy of Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing

The crew designated to the academy of design, engineering, and manufacturing: Ms. Page, Mr. T. Anderson, Mr. Bryant, Ms. Burck, Ms. Carion, Ms. Dossin, Ms. Forro, Ms. Gryspeerd, Ms. Harbison, Ms. Joseph, Ms. Lamb, Mr. Lamb, Mr. Leitzel, Mr. Mineau, Ms. Morr, Mr. Page, Mr. Rawling, Mr. Savage, Mr. Slava, Ms. Stabley, and Mr. Super.

“I am hopeful these academies will motivate kids because they feel what they’re learning will apply to their future goals,” Joseph said.

Throughout the lessons in the academy of design, engineering, and manufacturing, students explore the pathways of architecture and construction, manufacturing, media production, and STEM. These specific pathways give students a clearer idea of objectives involved with design, engineering, and manufacturing.

The Academy of Health, Human, and Public Service

Finally, the group of teachers and staff included in the academy of health, human, and public service: Ms. Adamo, Ms. R. Anderson, Ms. Burnham, Mr. Buslepp, Mr. Bussineau, Mr. Cali, Mr. Creps, Ms. Durand, Ms. Ford, Ms. Fountain, Ms. Gielniak, Ms. Knoblock, Ms. Kowalke, Ms. Mies, Mr. Philips, Ms. Pile, Mr. Rienas, Ms. Rienas, Mr. Robertson, and Ms. Wyckstandt.

“The best experience I am going to get from these academies is working and planning with my colleagues,” L. Rienas said.

The academy of health, human, and public services centers around education, health services, plus law and public safety. This academy broadens the ideas of students looking forward to a future in health, human, and public services.

Being the first public school in all of Michigan to introduce academies, Romeo sets and example for the future of educational development in the state. These changes definitely effect both students and teachers due to the major adjustments in curriculum and environment. The academies are just the first step to a brighter future at Romeo High School.

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