Cambell Geibel ‘21: Coming together to celebrate their love of music, the bands of Romeo Middle School, Powell Middle School, and Romeo High School all performed together at the annual Mega Band Concert on April 16. Although these bands usually practice and play separately, this concert comes along once a year as a beautiful opportunity to combine the bands and show a sense of community and togetherness.

While performances usually take place in the auditorium, this special concert kicks off in the gym for the added space. Throughout the show, different bands and mini groups performed. A line up filled with excitement included special individual performances by the Eighth Grade Jazz Band, the Drumline, and the Marching Band.

For many senior band members, this night felt bittersweet, knowing that it marks their last time playing.

“It really is sad because there are a lot of seniors that don’t go on to play music after high school, and we don’t have any big performances after this for the end of the year, so this is pretty much it. The fact that this is my senior year, it’s definitely a memory I will carry with me for a long time,” said Charlotte Sheets ‘19.

Despite the sad emotions felt by some seniors, younger band members focus purely on the happiness the celebration brought.

The Mega Band Concert provides both a chance for performers to showcase their talents one more time before school gets out, and a chance for family members and friends to come cheer on their loved ones from the audience. The unity of the Romeo and Powell Middle School bands along with the Romeo High School band perfectly shows the love and passion for music and the community.

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