Sarah Spuz ’17, Megan Vandeberghe ’16 – On October 2nd, percussionist and Romeo High School alumnus Tom Sharpe made an appearance in the auditorium for video production, band, and choir classes during fifth and sixth hour.

Sharpe’s career consisted of playing the drums in the rock bands STYX and Mannheim Steamroller, and currently allots time for composing his own percussion pieces.

“He talked a lot about following your heart and doing what you like to do,” Adam Friebe ‘16 said.

Sharpe held a presentation in the high school auditorium targeting kids with ambitions to become a musician or major in anything pertaining to performing arts. He played a few of his own original pieces with a setup of seemingly random instruments colliding into one piece, and talked about his career progressing over the years in-between.

“Now how many of you have heard anything like that before?” Sharpe said to the students after performing his first original piece.

A wave of silence overtook the high schoolers as none of them raised their hands. After a short time they cheered in awe and amazement.

“It was unique and different,” Mae Kelke ’18 said.

At the end of the performance, Sharpe encouraged students to come to the stage and ask him questions about his music or career.

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