Jenna Knepper ‘21: A new studio in town, Romeo Gold Studios encourages musicians from all around the community to grow in their passions. Whether a singer, a piano player, or a drummer, Romeo Gold Studios teaches lessons to anyone interested in becoming a musical artist. The owner of this studio, Sean Earl, welcomes students of any age and range of talent to expand their musical boundaries.

“The studio opened in July so about four months ago. Romeo is my hometown. Though I moved to different parts of the country a few times, Romeo will always be home so it was absolutely the best choice of location,” said Earl.

Teaching music for many years, Earl uses his love of music to encourage and help other young musicians. Because students choose what songs they play, these hard working and dedicated musicians want to keep learning.

“My favorite part of teaching is watching students do something they previously thought they could not do,” said Earl. “I also love recording songs and creating cover videos with students and young artists.” 

With Romeo Gold Studios’ location on Main Street, the people of Romeo enjoy the enriching opportunities to develop their musical talents.

“Romeo has an incredibly tight knit community. The downtown events and Romeo’s supportive nature are a huge reason why the studio has grown so fast,” said Earl.

Giving his students confidence in their musical abilities, Sean Earl works hard to identify and enhance the talents each student brings. 

“I wanted to open a studio where students and young artists could expand their creative abilities, mostly centered around music,” said Earl. “Our staff has a lot of experience with performing, recording, songwriting, photography, videography, and more. We try to combine all of these elements to best serve and help develop young developing artists.”

Romeo Gold Studios helps anyone from a student waiting to pluck their first guitar string to a singer who wants to record their own music. Sean Earl and his team of musical teachers work together to create an environment where artists confidently grow in their abilities and enhance their creativity.

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