Jenna Knepper ‘21: Planted in the heart of town, Romeo Gold Studios offers not only music lessons, but an atmosphere that attracts all kinds of people to their door. Previously working at a dance studio, owner Sean Earle started pursuing his dream in 2008 when asked to teach voice lessons on the side. 

Earle fell in love with his side job of music teaching and took advantage of the experience. Purchasing his own studio space in 2019, the official Romeo Gold Studios building opened for business with only two teachers: Earle and his friend, Megan Vanderberghe. Earle orchestrated Romeo Gold to not only give students a musical education but the ability to record and produce music. 

“I went to school to become a certified audio engineer in 2011. Recording studios weren’t exactly booming in this area, but there was a demand for music education. So the school was starting 8 years later in an effort to sustain the recording studio. Many of our students are using the studio to record their original work and get it out to the world, so the school and studio work hand in hand,” Earle said.

In 2020, Romeo Gold reached about 120 students until COVID complicated in-person education. Even as lessons presumed virtually, the studio took a big hit losing almost half of their clients. Through advertisement and overwhelming referrals from students and friends, the studio now stands stronger than ever with about 150 students and 10-15 regularly recording clients.

From 2 teachers in 2019 to 12 teachers in 2021, the increase in students not only demands more musical instructors but soon requires more space.

“Right now we are ‘cozy’ in our basement location, but we will soon need more room. Hopefully we find a place where we can have a larger showroom for selling instruments, a larger live room for recording, and maybe even a space where we can have a live stage and seating to be able to host our own live events,” Earle said.

The studio encourages all music lovers to their doors to take advantage of their personable staff and professional equipment. With varied teachers and lessons offered, the team or workers creates a music school where instructors help to pursue your goals and work with you to exceed them. 

For owner Sean Earle, his joy comes from much more than acquiring a number of students or selling out studio merch.

“I love seeing students, staff, and all types of artists of different ages, beliefs, and walks of life come together through music,” Earle said. “RGS has become a creative hub and outlet that so many people desperately needed, especially after the bizarre year of 2020.”

Dreaming up exciting and ambitious goals for the future, Romeo Gold Studios continues to flourish and draw eager students from all around Macomb County. If you or someone you know wishes to grow his/her musical expertise, take the opportunity to support this thriving business and sign up for a free trial lesson at today!

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