Steven Rasper ‘21: The Romeo cross country team competed at the Hanson’s invitational meet on Saturday, October 3rd at the Freedom Hill amphitheatre. The cross country team put on a spectacular performance especially while running on a new course with hills and uneven terrain. The romeo team showed much grit and strength on this course.

The men’s cross country team took their 4th victory of the season. The Bulldogs destroyed the competition with a final score of 39 which provided a big lead over Stoney Creeks 74. Jack Kelke ‘22 finished the 5k course with an impressive time of 15:50 and came 3rd in the race. Zander Cobb ‘21 came close, finishing in 5th place with a time of 16:00 helping the Bulldogs secure the win. Not too far behind, Joey Rinke ‘21 placed 6th at 16:11, a personal best. Three places behind, Jack Wallace ‘22 ran in 16:38, followed by Owen Sharnas ‘22 placing 15th in 16:50. Connor Clor ‘24 finished his race in 17:40, behind Andrew Pries ‘21 who finished in 18:08. Also some Romeo athletes made some impressive personal bests by both Brendan Weighand ‘22 with a time of 17:35 and Steven Rasper ‘21 with a time of 17:40.

Wallace experienced a challenge on the course, but with his teammates he finished strong.

“The course was a good challenge, hard hills, rough ground, good competition, it was one of the runs where time doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is toughness and effort. I prefer those kinds of races because it separates the wheat from the chaff,” said Wallace.

On the Women’s side, the team came in a close 2nd with 79 points not too far behind the Northville girls team. The girls still put on a valiant effort and worked very hard. Madison Clor ‘23 finished 4th with an amazing time of 19:12. Five places behind Rachel Felstow ‘22 finished 9th in 19:53, followed by Amanda Felstow ‘22 who placed 12th in 20:03. Sarah Greb ’22 earned a 20:41 behind her, Rose Paoletti ‘21 with a time of 20:57. Keeping close to her teammates, Brianna Weigand ‘22 finished in 21:00 with Emily Felstow ‘22 a few seconds behind with 21:12. 

Madison Clor shares similar thoughts with her teammates about the course being tough but ultimately  the Bulldogs fought through the adversity.

“The course was definitely one of the hardest courses we have run on because of the challenging elements like the hills but the team was strong and wouldn’t give up no matter what until the end. Everyone was strong through the pain until they got to the finish line,” said Clor.

An outstanding performance on both girls and guys sides. Coach Buslepp knows the team puts in a lot of hard work and looks forward to a bright future ahead for the rest of the season. 

“This team has something very special, they went out there knowing it was going to be a tough race and they did a great job. I’m very proud of this team, they put in so much work over the season and now they’re starting to reap the benefits,” said Buslepp. 

The Romeo cross country team now gets ready to go out next week to race in counties, Friday, October 9th.

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