Brendan Arendts ‘21: As a new wave of change floats through Romeo Schools, many new positions changed. Eric Whitney’s contract ended, without a renewal, June 30, 2018 as superintendent. Todd Robinson filled the vacant position and is now Romeo Community Schools  superintendent. Robinson, prior to interviewing for the Romeo position, served as superintendent at New Haven Community Schools. As a new opportunity arises to become a leader in a bigger community, he took his chance.

“I believe in one high school in a school district,” Robinson said. “So there is only so big a district can get before they have to split and go into two high schools. So I think around 5,000-6,000 students total is probably as big as a school district that I’ve always thought about leading. I’m big on the right community that has a small town feel.”

Besides working as superintendent, Mr. Robinson participates in many different extracurricular activities.

“I like to go to Lions games, I’m also doing a lot of running lately.” Robinson said. “I’m in the process of training for the Free Press marathon.”

It’s an exciting time in Romeo as the staff and students prepare to move into the new High School beginning next fall. The Academies at Romeo launched  the 9th grade Academy this year, both of these things add pressure to the new Superintendent. It’s his responsibility that a smooth transition into the new school happens.

“There is a lot of attention right now on the new High School and the academies transformation, but that doesn’t mean our early childhood education; kindergarten through eighth grade; isn’t just as or more as important,” Robinson explained. “School being more relevant and engaging is what I look for.”

Many traditions and beliefs set Romeo apart from other communities. It’s a small town community that sticks together no matter the circumstances.

“There is a lot of history here,” Robinson said. “When I was doing my homework and going through the process of thinking of applying, the first thing people would tell me is that the community is really tight there.”

With Mr. Robinson’s presence at the helm, Romeo Community Schools steers a new course with Mr. Robinson’s hope of new possibilities on the horizon.

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