Carlina Parrinello ‘21: Just around the corner, St. Baldrick’s makes its way to discussion. People come together to raise awareness for childhood cancer. Romeo High School involves themselves by creating a team called the Bald Bulldogs. Mr. Mathis, a teacher at Romeo High School, takes on his second year participating in the event.

“The point is to have a fun and interesting way to raise money for charity,” Mr. Mathis said. “It brings the community together over a large and important issue.”

Students and teachers come together, working their hardest to reach their goal. Doing this, they find ways to fundraise.

“Last year my goal was $1,100, this year is $1,500. I raise money digitally on my shavee page and in person in my classroom,” Mathis explains.

Money raised helps childhood cancer patients get the medical attention they need. For 11 years the organization stands strong, making this the 12th year. Bald Bulldogs takes the lead as of now for the greatest amount of money raised.

“The highs are raising money for charity and getting to support people in the community. This will be my second year representing Noah Costa and honoring him with my head shaving,” said Mathis.

If interested in another team, Mrs. Gedert, Romeo High School’s SERVE Coordinator, created a team tributed to Theresa O’Connor ‘20 named Theresa’s Tribe.

I’ve been involved with St. Baldrick’s for many years with my children and know first hand what a wonderful event this is! I thought this would be a great way to help raise funds for childhood cancer research while honoring Theresa,” Gedert said.

A junior at Romeo High School, Theresa learned of her diagnosis with Leukemia on November 29, 2018. Fighting through chemo rounds, and long hospital stays, Theresa stands strong.

“The way the community of Romeo comes together for this event is incredible! It’s amazing to see all the people who choose to shave their head to honor/remember children while raising much needed funds for childhood cancer research. It hits home this year with Theresa, an RHS junior and close family friend, who is currently in treatment for Leukemia. SERVE students will also be volunteering the day of the event,” Gedert said.

If interested, visit Mr. Wenz, leader of Bald Bulldogs, at Romeo Middle School, or Mr. Mathis. If interested in Mrs. Gedert’s team, Theresa’s Tribe, email her, or visit her page. The event takes place March 23, in Downtown Romeo. Also visit the St. Baldrick’s website for more details.

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