McComb ‘24: The Christmas season begins soon, and the Romeo Christmas Parade signaled the start of it. The parade, held at 7:00 on December 2, kicked off the month with tons of Holiday cheer. People of all ages, not just kids, enjoyed the event. 

Isabella ‘23 loves the month of December, “I’m excited for the Christmas season”. 

The Romeo Marching Band provided the night’s music. They played “Joy to the World” and “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. Many of the Marching Band members even decorated their instruments. Whether with lights, wreaths, or bows, the seasonal additions brought increased festivity to the parade. 

Throughout the parade different groups made an appearance to help celebrate the season, including the Girl Scouts. They walked the route holding up banners, some even dressed up. 

Santa Claus also made an appearance. He and Mrs. Claus drove in the parade before making it to the gazebo at the end of the route, where kids lined up to tell Santa their Christmas list. He then gave a speech leading up to the lighting of the Christmas tree. In front of which carolers sang Christmas songs and an ice sculpture sat. At the other end of the park a sculptor made a different ice statue, this time of Olaf from Frozen. 

Even the Ghostbusters appeared at the end of the route in the park. A few men dressed in the character’s signature uniforms and took pictures with the parade’s attendees. They even brought the Ghostbusters car, which included statues of the movie’s monsters on the top, along with an inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. 

At the end of the night, both kids and adults got their own experiences. Everyone got the chance to meet characters, hear music, and appreciate decorations. A beloved Romeo tradition continued, as the Christmas season begins. 

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