Szlaga ‘22: In America, millions of people fight hard each day to survive cancer. Playing in the Watchdog game consecutively for 12 years, Romeo High School gets the community together to recognize and raise tens of thousands of dollars to fight cancer.

This year, Romeo selected the Cassie Hines Foundation, Rainbow Connections, and St. Judes as the organizations that the proceeds go to. Romeo’s Watchdog game embraces monumental experiences to not only the families that students play for, but the people that benefit from the money the organizations receive. Athletes at Romeo represent loved ones at their games this week to honor the battle that they fought or still fight.

On Friday, September 24th, 2021, for the 12th annual Watchdog football game, Romeo High School played Chippewa Valley High School. This important game sparks many emotions for the players, friends, and family. 

Playing varsity football, Logan Rolfs ‘22  honored a family friend named Chris Poli fighting stage 4 lung cancer. Rolfs expressed excitement for this game. “Chris is a great guy and all I wish is for him to get better for his family and I hope that me playing for him will make him proud,” Rolfs said.

Elise Kemp ‘22 danced for her grandma who beat breast cancer, Janice Kemp. “It means a lot to spread awareness for those who have fought, those who have lost, and those that are currently fighting. I look forward to making them feel recognized,” Kemp said. 

Performing at halftime, Logan Wenz ‘22 honored his aunt Denise Wenz who beat breast cancer. “I want to make my aunt proud. Support those that have to go through this type of pain and the tons of families that are affected by cancer,” Wenz said.

Isabella Tersigni ‘23 cheered for her mother Tina Tersigni, who beat breast cancer. “My mother is like a best friend to me and I want her to feel that I am supporting her like she does for me everyday. She has always been my biggest supporter. She deserves to be represented,” Tersigni said.

Fundraising at Romeo for this cause brings happiness to many families within the community. It makes Romeo High School students feel involved in making a difference. The game shows the support Romeo gives to people in the community that fight the battle of cancer.

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