Elliott Byrd ‘22: The Romeo Bulldogs boys Varsity team’s winning streak of four straight games ended with their matchup between the Eisenhower Eagles. On Wednesday, February 24th the Bulldogs faced off against the 3-1 Eagles.

The Bulldogs and Eagles both played extremely hard. The Bulldogs and Eagles took turns throwing punches. It started in the first quarter when Romeo scored 10 points and the Eagles matched Romeo with eight. In the second quarter scoring picked up a little,  Romeo and Eisenhower both scored 14 points. Score at halftime Romeo 24, Eisenhower, 22. In the third quarter, the Eagles exploded scoring an impressive 23 points while at the same time holding Romeo to only nine points in the third. In the fourth quarter, Romeo made some defensive adjustments and held Eisenhower to only nine points. Romeo gave it their all scoring 13 in the fourth. However, Romeo struggled to dig themselves out of the big hole they fell in, final score Romeo 46, Eisenhower 54. Romeo’s impressive win streak comes to an end. 

On Friday, February 26 the Bulldogs traveled to Stevenson and tried to get back to their winning ways. After suffering a tough loss against Eisenhower and a couple days of rest Romeo tried to refocus and bounce back into the winning column. 

Stevenson held other plans, they played hard and hustled throughout the whole game. Stevenson set the tone early, tying up the score at the end of the first quarter. Romeo tried to get something going on offense but struggled to do so. The Bulldogs scored eight points in the second quarter while the Titans scored a whopping 17 points. Score at halftime, Romeo 17, Stevenson 26. Coming out of halftime with adjustments made Romeo looked to tear into Stevenson’s lead, however, the Titans offense proved too strong. Stevenson scored 11 points in the third while only allowing the Bulldogs to score eight. The Bulldogs got their offense going in the fourth quarter by scoring 14, but unfortunately took a loss . Final score Romeo 39, Stevenson 51.

Austin Taseski ‘21 shared his thoughts on the past two games the Bulldogs participated in.

“I think we need to finish out our games a little better. I think we have been playing well. We just need to keep up the intensity. . We haven’t shot super well these last two games but I think we have a lot of talent so it will show soon,” Taseski said.

“We are ready to bounce back and show everyone how good we really are. I’m excited to go against these next opponents to show what Romeo stands for,” Taseski said.

Look for the Bulldogs to bounce back from a tough two game stretch at home against Roseville on Tuesday, March 2nd at 7:00.

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