Megan Ferguson ‘19, Haley Golembiewski and ‘20 Kayla Yax ‘18: Competing at Saginaw Valley State University on April 12-14, The Byting Bulldogs ranked 55th out of 506 teams in the state of Michigan, earning their spot to compete at the 2018 Worlds Robotic competition. Excited to showcase at the best of their ability, team 3539’s months of preparation all came down to one weekend.

Leaving for the World Competition on the Wednesday, April 25th, the Byting Bulldogs began to prepare for their competition on the 27th through the 29th.

“The first six weeks we spent building our robot, the next seven weeks we were at district and state competitions,” Sarah Bart ‘19 said. “The last two weeks we were preparing for Worlds six days a week. We also took apart of our practice bot for spare parts to help ours run better.”

Having to face many obstacles along the way, the team wishes they were in a better position to compete but are overall excited for the opportunity.

“The process is slow and we took too much time prototyping,  which caused us to be behind during build season,” Bart said. “Our competition robot was finished the day of bagging.”

Beginning the competition, a total of 660 qualification matches are played throughout six field divisions with each field having a total of 110 matches. After the teams have ten matches apiece, the top eight teams earn the opportunity to handpick their alliance for playoffs. The Byting Bulldogs competed in the Daily Division.

Qualification Match Results:

Match 1 – The Byting Bulldogs start off strong with a win of 425-314.

Match 2 – They wipe the floor with their competition for a final score of 480-283.

Match 3 – Their winning streak continues as the Byting Bulldogs end their third match 384-256.

Match 4 – The Byting Bulldogs suffered their first defeat losing 343-396.

Match 6 – Another deafening loss for the Byting Bulldogs with a score of 265-454.

Match 7 – Back on track the Byting Bulldogs won 441-351.

Match 8 – Despite efforts the eighth resulted in a loss of 309-445.

Match 9 – Recovering from the previous loss they end the ninth match strong and won 473-136.

Match 10 – After the tenth match, the Byting Bulldogs won 382-219.

Match 11 – The final match of qualifications resulted in a loss of 300-362.

Hoping to advance to the highest division, Einstein at Cobo Hall in Detroit, MI, the Byting Bulldogs advance on to quarter and semifinals.


Match 1 – Byting Bulldogs won yet again 348-321 creating a fresh winning streak.

Match 2 – Against odds, the Byting Bulldogs won their first quarfinal 404-244.

Match 3 – Finishing off qualifications the Byting Bulldogs lost their last match, yet still were advancing on.

Semi-Final Match Results:

Match 1 – Starting with a bang the Byting Bulldogs won 400-304.

Match 2 – Byting bulldogs suffer another loss, for a final score of 253-402

Match 3 – Ending their journey at world, the team lost their last match 393-315.

Although their journey ended at Semi-Finals, the Byting Bulldogs showed great effort and determination throughout their matches. As the season comes to a close, the Byting Bulldogs begin to prepare for the upcoming challenges. Congratulations to the Byting Bulldogs for their outstanding performance at this year’s competition.

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