Liliana Venditti ‘17- Freshmen year: a scary time filled with stress and pressure in an unexplored frontier. Trying to fly under the radar as to not disrupt upperclassmen is a common pathway many take. Charlene Yarema ‘19 is not one of those freshmen.

Once her classmates heard her sing, they quickly began persuading her to share her musical talent. After much pressure from Yarema’s choir classmates, she decided to try out for Romeo Theatre Company’s (RTC) spring musical “Aida.”  

“When I first found out I got the part I was shocked. I didn’t think as a freshmen I would get it,” said Yarema ‘19, “There were so many other girls who are so talented and deserved the part also”.

While many would usually be intimidated by the veterans of RTC, Yarema was not visibly shaken and despite taking on the audition with little acting experience, she was double cast with Taylor Mueller ‘16 as the Egyptian princess, Amneris, who is one of the show’s two leading ladies.  

“They’re [RTC] really supportive and nice,” said Yarema ‘19, “I’ve made a lot of upperclassmen friends from theater and choir also”.

Commitment to the theatre takes up a lot of free time, a single production takes months to perfect and perform. Months are used to build the scenery, perfect entrances and exits, sounds, and rehearsing lines and songs.

Yarema understands the amount of work she has in front of her, trying to memorize lines and perform up to Romeo’s high standards. With the little bit of free time she has left, she spends it in her comfort zone, trading in the wooden stage for an icy one and trades in her skates for running shoes for cross country.
Although stepping out of a comfortable world can be terrifying, everyone should take Charlene as a role model and try something different. Whether it be dance team or swim, Key Club or Unity, equestrian or robotics, you may be better at it then you thought and meet life long friends in the process.

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