Brohl ‘22: When the new school year of 2021-2022 began, a lot changed coming back from a year of dealing with COVID-19 and students being all online. One of these changes involved a new counselor in the Design, Engineering and Manufacturing (DEM) Academy! Romeo High School introduced Ms. Rachael Zelmanski as the new DEM counselor. This led to students becoming interested in her outlook on her job because of her huge impact as a counselor for many students. R News made sure to sit down with Ms. Zelmanski and ask her a few questions about how it feels in a new environment with a brand new job! 

Q: What made you choose the role of a counselor? Have you ever been a school counselor before?

A: “I chose to be a counselor because I was a high school basketball coach while in the process of getting my undergraduate degree. I liked working with students and being a mentor for them.”

Q: Have you ever had any previous counseling jobs before being a DEM Academy counselor at Romeo High School?

A: “Nope! This is my first job and also my first school as well!”

Q: What is your favorite part of being a counselor and why?

A: “My favorite part is working with students and watching them grow as individuals. I really enjoy working with this particular age group and love seeing them become adults. I love watching them achieve their goals in life and watching them achieve what they want and seeing what they accomplish in life.”

Q: Coming into a new school, there has to be a lot to get used to…what was the biggest adjustment for you?

A: “I think my biggest adjustment was experiencing what it’s like to actually be full-time in a school all day, that was a huge adjustment for me. There are a lot of great people here who helped me along the way, always checked in on me and really welcomed me into the family.”

Q: What is your life like outside of working at Romeo? Any certain hobbies you have?

A: “I have a pretty relaxed life outside of work. I have a dog and I live with my boyfriend who I have been in a relationship with for a very long time. Usually on the weekends, we are hanging out and relaxing or I am hanging out with friends. I always recharge on the weekends before the next school week starts. I am a huge craft person so I love anything to do with crafting! I really got into embroidery over quarantine so I try to do something that really engages my brain so I’m not on social media or getting sucked into watching videos on ‘TikTok’. If I can get myself away from screens, I’ll try to do something like that.”

Q: Do you prefer working in a high school with older students rather than somewhere with younger students? If so, why?

A: “I definitely prefer this age of students the best. I like having more adult conversations with students and really getting to know them on that level. I love talking about college and what’s next for career choices. I love helping them with that part since that stresses out kids a lot at this age.”

Q: What’s your favorite part of the school and why?

A: “I think it is just the culture here! Like I said, I was super welcomed and I am just so grateful for the way everyone has embraced me so far and everyone is so nice here! I really love my co-workers and my counselor colleagues so it really has made my experience here so great. I am super grateful for that!” 

Ms. Zelmanski, a great addition to Romeo Community Schools, shows her passion for working with teenagers and young adults. Her passion shows throughout her helping students with issues they encounter, whether the students struggle with something personal or an issue with school or a class. The school and the community are absolutely grateful to work with a brand new counselor like her and everyone cannot wait to see how she helps more students in the future!

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