Brohl ‘22: With second semester at Romeo High School (RHS) just starting, RHS welcomes the  new Health, Human, and Public Service (HHP) Academy counselor. Ms. Jennings. Ms. Jennings taught in Florida and also worked at Dakota High School earlier in life. Getting a new counselor halfway through the year, it is very important that everyone at RHS becomes familiar with Ms. Jennings. R News made sure to sit down with Ms. Jennings asked her a few questions about how it feels to work as an academy counselor in Romeo!


  1. Q: What made you choose the role of a counselor? Have you ever been a school counselor before?

A: “So I chose school counseling because I taught down in Florida for four years and as much as I loved my kids, I realized that the classroom is not the setting I wanted to be in. It involved a lot of heavy testing and I was in a very low-income area and they needed more mental health support and I knew it was important to have their basic needs met. For my kids, passing a state test was not a first priority to me and I thought I could help them become better off if I was a school counselor.


  1. Q: Have you ever had any previous counseling jobs before being an HHP Academy counselor at Romeo High School?

A: “I worked as a substitute school counselor at Dakota High School for the first semester before I came here!”


  1. Q: Coming into a new school, there has to be a lot to get used to…what was the biggest adjustment for you?

A: “Learning how Romeo’s protocols work…like how they do things because Romeo and Dakota are both high schools, but the way Romeo does scheduling was very different from how Dakota does scheduling. So it was like relearning those protocols essentially.”


  1. Q: What is your favorite part of being a counselor and why?

A: “So far, I love the variety of things I get to work on! So, I get to work on schedule changes, and college questions! I also get to work with kids to help their mental health!” 


  1. Q: What is your life like outside of working at Romeo? Any certain hobbies you have?

A: “Right now it is kinda crazy…I am trying to find that balance between everything. Right now I love working out at CrossFit and I’m a runner so I try to balance between that. I love to cook and visit with family and friends, so essentially I am trying to stay healthy!


  1. Q: What’s your favorite part of the school and why?

A: “I love the small-knit community! Everyone has been super friendly and welcoming and I really like the academies! That’s different but I cannot wait to learn more about them and I think it is a great opportunity for the students!”

Ms. Jennings makes a great addition to RHS and the Romeo community. Welcoming everyone with her bubbly personality brightens up the room. Ms. Jennings will definitely be making many positive impacts on many students in the following years to come!


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