Bailey and McCullough ‘22: With the new school year rolling smoothly, we welcome Mr. VanThomme to Romeo Community Schools (RCS). Mr. VanThomme loves to teach, his passion lies in opening students’ eyes to a whole new world of information. To get to know Mr. VanThomme better, he answered some questions about himself. 

Question 1: What subject(s) do you currently teach?

Answer 1: I am currently teaching Chemistry and Earth Sea Sky for Romeo.

Question 2: How has this school year been for you so far?

Answer 2: This school year has had its ups and downs. I missed a large amount of time while being sick with COVID-19 but the best part was seeing the science department step up and help me plan and run classes when I was unable to do so. I am very grateful for the extra work that they took on to ensure my students were still receiving a good education at RHS.

Question 3: What is your favorite part of being a teacher?

Answer 3: My favorite part of being a teacher is having a passion for something and trying to share that excitement with a new generation. I teach because I love opening the views and horizons of others to topics that they may otherwise not be interested in.

Question 4: What college did you attend and how was your experience?  

Answer 4: I attended Alma College and it was fantastic!  I loved the small feel of the school and how the professors connected with the students. I had many classes with 7 to 15 students in them which allowed for some real hands-on learning and connections to be made. I still keep in contact with a few of my professors.

Question 5: Do you have any past experience of teaching?

Answer 5: Before RHS I have taught at Warren De La Salle Collegiate and Gibbs High School in Florida.

Question 6: Do you have any future aspirations since becoming a teacher? 

Answer 6: I really like becoming better at my craft. I like to learn new things and incorporate them into my lessons. I like to use real-life examples in class and have brought things like the Salmon in the Classroom project to the high school. I want to keep pushing and try to take Romeo to even higher levels.

Question 7: What are some of your hobbies and interests?

Answer 7: My family and I are avid outdoor enthusiasts. We hunt, fish and hike our way to new adventures. There is so much to experience outdoors and we enjoy being a part of that.

Question 8: Why did you choose to teach at Romeo?

Answer 8: I chose to teach at Romeo for several reasons.  First I am a Romeo graduate from 2000. I met my wife in the halls of Romeo. I was a multi-sport athlete and my experiences here helped me to play at Alma College. Much of my family still lives in Romeo. I really like the Academy concept of learning and life preparation here at Romeo. I feel like I could go on and on with examples, I am a part of Romeo.

The students, staff and community of Romeo gives a warm welcome to Mr. VanThomme. Best of wishes for an amazing school year and RCS looks forward to the many wonderful years ahead.

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