Marina Belloli ‘19: As the blood drive arrives for the second time in the 2018-2019 school year, students get ready to give some blood to those in need. Giving blood holds such an important significance, it saves millions of lives and definitely worth donating.

Miss Mies the supervisor of the blood drive expresses her goals for this winter’s blood drive.

“Our goal this year is between 40 and 45, we had 41 in the fall so I am hoping we can at least get that and more” Mies said.

The tradition of hosting the blood drive at Romeo High School continues this school year.

“I have worked here for 23 years and we have done it every single year since I have worked here and plan to continue hosting it in upcoming years,” Mies said.

With the help of Miss Mies, many NHS members, and NHS president Julia Fadanelli ‘19, the blood drive involves Romeo High School students coming together to help set the blood drive up.

“Julia Fadanelli is the student in charge of everything and various members have volunteered to sign kids up,” said Mies. “They work the day of the blood drive and to run and get students out of their class, to do the treat table, and set them up to give blood.”

The blood drive takes place on February 26 in the library. The constant need for blood continues and saves so many people’s lives. Consider thinking about donating, there’s a chance to stand as a blood donor for life and an opportunity to save millions of lives.

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