Marina Belloli ‘19: From March 21-22, the Romeo High School HOSA team attended the Michigan HOSA State Leadership Conference. The team traveled to Grand Rapids for a fun, fulfilling weekend. The conference give students the opportunity to share their medical skills with group of like minded individuals and compete against one another.

Participating in the Medical Reading event, Sophomore Alexa Zeweke’s excitement continues for success this weekend.

“For states you have to read five books,” Zeweke said. “They are all really interesting so I just write notes and look over them to prepare.”

The HOSA event consists of various types of medical procedures and career-related focus areas.

“It’s a medical club. You should probably join if you are interested in the medical field, it’s a way to learn a lot about it by doing different things and it just kinda helps you learn a little more about it,” Zeweke said.

The EMT class, lead by Mrs. Pile, assists Romeo High School students towards their life career in the medical field. This program provides many opportunities for students to understand and learn about the medical field.

Alexandria Divito ‘19 gets ready for the competition. This class helped her find what she wants to go into in the future and provided guidance to narrowing down her possibilities. After hours and hours of studying, Divito gets ready and prepares for the event.

“I am doing bleeding control and shock management in the EMT category” said Divito, “We already went to regionals where we got practice. We have been going over patient assessments and looking over our jump bags to make sure we have everything.”

The HOSA team accomplished many outstanding goals this year. Consisting of making top ten and Romeo High receiving a plaque for its 100% affiliation with HOSA. Competing in CPR/ First Aid, Emergency Medical Technician, Medical Reading and Health Career Photography, each team performed their very best and remains happy with their results.

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