Megan Bieganski ‘18 & Morgan Mueller ‘18: Disagreeing with President Trump’s recent executive orders, people from across the nation came together to protest. Romeo High School alumni, Gina Bologna, supported her beliefs by attending a protest that took place at Detroit Metro Airport.

“My stance on the ban? Well- it’s wrong, it’s not only wrong but it’s unconstitutional,” Bologna said. “It takes the heart, and humanity out of the US. You cannot turn a blind eye to suffering, you can’t blame terrorism on innocent people, or a religion. It is our obligation as humans of this planet to look out for each other, to love each other- to recognize suffering and abolish it. There is no reason why this ban was necessary, there is no way this ban is fair. It was a ban put forth by greed, by fear, and by hate.”

Angering some US citizens, people believe this executive order has stereotyped religions and linked them to terrorism in the US. Bologna felt satisfied with the experience and support displayed during protesting.

“My experience was a positive one,” Bologna said. “I first arrived with my boyfriend Jake in the north terminal, and we parked our car there. But the protest was around a three mile drive to the other terminal. Individuals were waiting for a shuttle to take them to Mcnamara but the police stopped the shuttle. So I got a group of roughly 160 plus people to join me in the three mile trek towards Mcnamara. Along the way people were literally jumping out of their car to join us, every car we passed was beeping their horns to the rhythm of the chants we were yelling- there was a deafening wall of support. On that march- I’ve never felt so honored, to be surrounded by a group of strangers that were there all out of love, and acceptance. Once we got to Mcnamara there were thousands of people all hugging each other, all supporting each other and fully expressing their distaste for the ban and exercising their rights to freedom of speech, of protest, and of religion. The protest was supposed to end at six but seeing as though so many people came out to support it didn’t end up clearing out till around nine. I’m a photographer and the photographs I was able to capture really can explain the atmosphere so much better- but it was something I’ll never ever forget.”

All protesters did not attend the protests for the same reasons. While some disapprove President Trump’s immigration ideas, others thought that women need one another to change feminine views in society and strive for their beliefs.

A senior at Romeo High School, Laura Catron, also attended the protests in Detroit.

“I went to the march because I wanted to march in solidarity with the other women and put my money where my mouth is and to demonstrate my dissatisfaction with the current Presidency,” Catron said.

Members of the LGBT community, and minorities who wanted their voices to be heard also attended.

“The atmosphere was very positive and very uplifting,” Catron said. “It was the happiest and most hopeful I have been since the election itself.”

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