Abigail Price ‘20: With the new school and academy style education in action, the community of Romeo ponders questions as to what the future holds. Last Thursday, February 27, RCS superintendent, Todd Robinson, spoke at the annual state of the district on the next steps for Romeo schools. This event held not only information on the future of RCS, but also marked the grand opening of the new auditorium in Romeo High School. 

With dozens of people gathering from the community, Dr. Robinson began the speech by inviting theater director Kendra Knoblock, choir director Jeff Hinkle, band director John Phillips, and high school principal, Bernie Osebold, up to the stage to cut the ribbon on the new auditorium. The final outcome definitely left attendees pleased. 

Throughout the presentation, Dr. Robinson covered Romeo’s accomplishment of remaining on track with the original 2016 academy plan. Each building holds the students as planned four years ago. Romeo is very proud of this accomplishment; however, some work still remains in progress. Romeo continues to plan out the future with internships, job shadows, presentations, etc, and plans to continue renovating the new middle school and Ninth Grade Academy. All remains well and on track here in Romeo. 

Despite the many accomplishments, RCS faces inevitable issues. For example, the high school starting time moved earlier at the beginning of this school year due to bussing situations with more buildings added to the district. The school board considers switching the starting time with the middle school to make things easier for the teen students. 

RCS remains in constant growth and looks to continue that. Right where it needs to be, Romeo upholds a bright future for the school district. 

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