Giulianelli ‘22: Thursday, March 10th, 2022, marked the RAAC Basketball Tournament at Romeo High School. 

The Romeo Athletic Advisory Committee serves as a bridge between the Athletic Department/Administration and the student-athletes at RHS. This club also gets involved in community efforts and athletics promotion. It promotes unity amongst students and the various athletic programs at RHS.  

RAAC hosted this event to not only fundraise for Romeo High School’s food drive, but provide a fun event for the students and staff to participate in.

This event showed a great turnout and a lot of support from each grade. Not to mention, the players were pumped and ready to fight to win the tournament. 

To start the tournament, the opening game was between the seniors and the fierce staff. Although the staff put up a good fight, the seniors took the first win 20-13. Senior Reese Carmody ‘22 said “everyone had great effort and was overall having a great time.”

The second game to hit the floor was between the seniors and freshman. The seniors won with an exciting score of 32-31. 

Third game was between the juniors and sophomores. The juniors ended up taking the second win of the tournament with another close score of 31-30. 

In the final match, winners from the second and third match went against one another to see who wins the whole tournament. Seniors and sophomores played against one another. Seniors were not going to give up that game, and ended up taking first place in the RAAC Basketball Tournament with a final score of 24-22. The seniors also received a trophy to go along with their win. 

Autumn Szlaza ‘22 shared her feelings about the tournament. “It was very fun to play in the tournament. I have never played in my life so it was really funny when I turned out to not be terrible at it. It was also super cool to verse the other grades. We had a lot of athletic kids on the team so I definitely think that helped us come out with the win,” Szlaga said.

Overall, the RAAC Basketball Tournament turned out great and everyone had a great time.

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