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Cute & Cheesy

Whether you and your prom date are in a committed relationship or are best buds, a cute and creative promposal is guaranteed to get a great response! If your potential date has a soft spot for goofy puns and playful laughs, then a lighthearted approach is the way to go.

Try this: Laminate a note and freeze it in a container of water. Pop the block of ice out of the container and present it to your date along with a hammer, challenging them to retrieve the note. Once they chip away all the ice, they’ll be able to read the note that says “Now that we’ve broken the ice, will you go to prom with me?” What a cool idea!


You and your significant other keep romance alive in your relationship. Whether through a candlelit dinner or roses for no reason, you always find a way to show that you care. A promposal fit for a storybook is the perfect way to charm your date.

Here’s an idea: Hop into a photo-booth with your potential date and start the camera. While it counts down to a photo, ask them to prom with a sign and some flowers! You’ll capture their priceless reaction in a photo that you both can treasure forever.


Your relationship has always been about going big or going home. It’s safe to say that subtlety is not your strong suit. You are always living life to the fullest, so you would be right in your element with an extravagant promposal.

Something to Try: Arrange to have your promposal displayed on the big screen at Comerica Park during a Tigers game. Hopefully the Kiss Cam will be soon to follow!

Sweet & Simple

You cherish the little things in life. The thought of anything too excessive makes you cringe. To you, the thought really is what counts most, which makes a sweet and simple promposal a surefire winner that’s right in your comfort zone.

Fun Idea: Present your date with a custom photo album with a picture of the two of you on the cover. The rest of the album will be empty, reserved for all your prom photos. The photo album is a great way for you and your date to save all the fun memories you make on the night of the dance!

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