Seamans ’24: Mr. Hayden, a new teacher here at Romeo High School and a part of the Business Entrepreneurship and Innovations Academy (BEI). His classroom is located upstairs in room A205.

Question 1: What made you come to Romeo? Looking for any job opportunity? Had a want to come here?

Answer 1: Romeo was [definitely] a top pick. I like the sense of community out here. I wanted a school district that had a tight knit community that I could fit into and I also liked the academy system that you [Romeo] have set up here. 

Question 2: What are some personality traits that help you in your daily work?

Answer 2: Positivity, you see some really difficult things student wise. Every day is a good day. Personable, the ability to really get along with my colleagues at the school and the students as well.

Question 3: What did you study in college to get where you are today?

Answer 3: I gave a history major and social studies minor. I went to Oakland university for history and social studies. It was four years of history and 2 years of teaching classes. 

Question 4: What do you teach here at Romeo?

Answer 4: Civics and economics, I love economics. It’s probably my favorite out of all of them. World History would be a class that I would love to teach if I could.

Question 5: When in high school/college, what interested you about your major? 

Answer 5: [There were] three people in my life in high school. Mrs. Verheye, she was my history teacher, I adored her class, and Mr. Manninen, he inspired me to become a teacher. [The] teachers I had gave me the passion to become a teacher and pursue history.

Question 6: What do you enjoy about teaching?

Answer 6: The kids, building relationships with students and being able to see them everyday. [You] get to see them grow as people, students are young adults here in high school [and] high school is a critical period in their lives. 

RHS holds pride in welcoming Mr. Hayden and all his unique skills to their new staff. Feel free to stop by his classroom to say hello and welcome him to the district.

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