Mrs. Fountain previously took the position of academy principal in the Business, Entrepreneurship, and Innovations academy (BEI). She previously worked as a counselor for the Health, Human, and Public services academy (HHP) and worked day in and day out to meet the needs of her students. As academy principal she applies the techniques and skills she used as a counselor to her new position. She helped answer some questions on what the transitions like. 

Question 1: Does a history of counseling affect how you do your job as a principal?

Answer 1: I think so, I think principals deal with discipline, family issues, teacher issues. [Also] being an advocate for kids, families, and teachers and knowing how to listen. [These] are really important in this role. 

Question 2:Was the transition easy?

Answer 2: The easy part was that I’m already very comfortable with our staff. [The] hard part is being seen before as the good cop and then going to a bad cop as a disciplinarian. 

Question 3:What are some struggles that you face with being a principal rather than a counselor?

Answer 3: The big struggle was switching academies as a whole. Letting go of seeing HHP students and teachers everyday. 

Question 4: How did you get this position? Hired? Looking for new opportunities/so applied?

Answer 4: Mrs. Davis took a position somewhere else so the position was open and I had just finished my certificate in administration so it seemed like the right time. [I] applied and had to be interviewed and then I got it.

Question 5: Is it any different being with kids from BEI or is it the same as HHP?

Answer 5: I’ve been with HHp students for 2 years and I’ve had to get to know the BEI students. [I think] every student is a Romeo kid. 

Mrs. Fountain, proud to take the role as academy principal and happy to work with new students from a different academy. The BEI students and staff are happy to welcome and can’t wait for this journey ahead!

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