Chloe Alverson ‘17- Halloween presents an opportunity for people to wear costumes of their choice. From stereotypical witches and cats to unique homemade costumes, people may express themselves however they’d like. This expression, however, may cause discrimination. In particular, girls are often under scrutiny this time of year.

“I think it’s unfair how people get mad about what others wear, especially a Halloween costume,” Becca Israel ‘16 said. “Girls shouldn’t have to worry about being stereotyped.”

As a girl, browsing the cluttered aisles of Party City for costumes rarely can be done without an eye roll or two. The costumes, varying in price and quality, seem a bit much to pay for such a small amount of clothing. The names of these outfits are repetitive in nature; Sexy Cat, Sexy Police Officer, even a Sexy Carrot and Sexy Lobster.

Why is it that girls costumes are over-sexualized?

“It seems that the Halloween stores are catering to men’s fantasies more they’re giving women the all around option to be sexy or not,” Brooke Tremblay ‘17 said.

Sexy costumes tend to be a bit excessive. The forcefulness of the tiny attire is an example of inherent misogyny within our culture. Misogyny, according to, is the inherent dislike of or prejudice against women. The sexiness of a costume, which is accompanied by derogatory terms, must be put to a stop. This also goes for the misogyny behind the costumes. It seems as though every single costume imaginable has been sexualized in one way or another.

Females should be allowed to dress however they’d like on Halloween, sexualized or not, and have a bigger selection of costumes to choose from. If the selection for sexy costumes for girls is so vast, there should be just as many options for an unsexualized costume.

Young girls and women should not feel pressured to “be sexy” at a Halloween event. There’s no point to it. In the end all these costumes bring is more and more judgment and disregard for women and takes away from their integrity.  

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