Riley Murdock ‘15 – On May 5th, Michigan voters decide whether to enact several changes in the state’s tax laws. The “Michigan Sales Tax Increase for Transportation Amendment,” or Proposal 1, stands to streamline where funds generated from gas taxes are allocated, as well as initiating several other reforms.

The only measure on tomorrow’s ballot, debate surrounds the provisions suggested by Proposal 1. If passed, the bill provides additional funding to Michigan’s severely lacking road infrastructure. However, this also institutes an increase in both gasoline and sales taxes. While provisions raising tax credits for lower-income families are also added, the proposed tax increases may still potentially harm the working class.

Known as a “legislatively-referred constitutional amendment,” Proposal 1 contains several changes that impact voters in different ways. After reviewing the available information online, any registered voter may make their voice heard. For more information on polling locations, visit

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