Riley Murdock ‘15 – In overwhelming opposition, Michigan voters soundly rebuffed the Michigan Sales Tax Increase for Transportation Amendment. Votes played out to an 80% no, 20% yes split, signaling mass disapproval of the proposed measures. Macomb voters split 86% no, 14% yes.

While voters understand that road maintenance is sorely needed and that additional revenue is sorely needed to fund it, the complexity of the proposal was a red flag for many. If voted in, 10 separate bills would be signed into law, all with varied effects on the populace. Many constituents felt the proposal overreached, taking too much action in too many confusing ways to effectively solve the issues at hand.

Governor Snyder, who was an ardent supporter of the proposal, responded to its defeat with plans for the future. Snyder said, in the words of an article by the Detroit Free Press, that “he will set to work immediately with legislative leaders on finding a new solution to the state’s road funding problem.”

Snyder and the legislature hope to craft a solution that will win over the polarized voters that rejected Proposal 1.


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