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For some, senior year is full of great times and fun memories, but with the excitement of being on top comes the stress of planning for college. Where should students apply?  Which school is the best? How expensive it is going to be? Samantha Schmelzer (12) has spent an abundance of time and energy pondering these questions.

“I’ve put in at least six hours applying to just three colleges and I’m not even done,” Schmelzer said.

Time is not only spent filling out applications. Students also must devote themselves to  writing essays and filling out questionnaires for scholarships. Some students feel pressured by their parents, as well as themselves, to do whatever they can to get scholarships to help cover the price of school. Schmelzer has applied for multiple scholarships and she says her parents are still encouraging her to apply for more.

“I get at least a text a day from my parents asking if I’ve applied for scholarships,” Schmelzer said. Likewise, many students go through the same thing, focusing on their GPA and earning scholarships.

“I plan on paying [for college]  through scholarships but, my parents have been saving and so have I,” Schmelzer said.

However, some students, like Jake Peyerk (12),haven’t been stressed at all.

“I’ve saved up a substantial amount and my parents will chip in the rest. Plus, I have a pretty good academic scholarship. My parents don’t pressure me at all. They don’t have a reason to,” Peyerk said, when asked about the pressure to pay for college.


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