Megan Ferguson ‘19 and Marina Belloli ‘19: Just around the corner on April 9, juniors at Romeo High School begin the testing season. As preparations begin to take the test that potentially leads them to their desired college, this time of the year creates an environment full of stress. Starting prep, buying the practice books, going to tutors, and taking practice exams, Juniors continue to prepare and study as much as possible.

Juniors, Anthony Isrow and Cameron Locke both attended a workshop to improve their testing techniques.

“At the workshop we learned tips and tricks on how to pass the SAT and how to do better and get a higher score. We also did a practice test,” Isrow said. “Some tips they gave us were during the math portion go through and do the non multiple choice first.”

A good way to get ahead of your studying included participating in a workshop that helps find what skills you need to improve and grow on. These workshops personalize your test to help you learn the hidden tips and tricks to the SAT.

“At the workshop another tip they gave us was in English after you read you have to identify what type of topic it is on. Whether it is the historic writing portion or the scientific analysis portion,” Locke said.  “Break down each paragraph, do a really quick breakdown of it. Also mark the vocab or anything that seems important.”

Although each thoroughly prepared for the SAT, the nerves still present themselves.

From practice tests, Khan Academy and other online study tools, taking each standardized test multiple times provides the opportunity for better scores

“I took it the first time without studying and then to get a better score I started tutoring for my second one,” Ruby Weber ‘19 said. “I took the SAT twice, the ACT twice and I improved on the SAT but stayed the same on the ACT.”

Seniors who already took the SAT describe it as challenging, long and tiring. Many who received a high score prepared in a variety of different ways, including SAT classes and workshops, online quizzes, along with the SAT/ACT workbook.

“I went to a tutor and she gave me materials to help me study. Which I think really helped me,” Weber said. “She gave me practice ACT and SAT problems.”

In the end, the long, tough hours of studying payoff after receiving a great score.

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