Ava Vendittelli ‘22: As exam week continues to creep up, it becomes increasingly more important to prepare. Countless factors contribute to doing well on an exam. From studying to preparing your mind and body, it remains important to consider what you can do in order to increase chances of feeling good about an exam.


Get Enough Sleep

Although it may sound cliche, studies conclude that getting a proper amount of sleep links to improved performance. According to the Institute of Medicine, people struggling with sleep show a decreased amount of productivity overall. Setting a sleep schedule allows for a boosted amount of productivity, meaning retaining the most amount of information possible.

Ask to See Old Exams

Ask teachers to see exams created for previous years. Students receive a gist of what information will be needed and types of questions that will possibly appear. An old exam also becomes a great practice test, allowing students to prepare in the most efficient way. 

Exercise Before Studying

Science proves that while exercising, the body takes the physical stress put on it as a sign it faces danger; therefore, the body pumps even more blood, allowing for more nutrients to enter the system. With extra nutrients and oxygen in the brain, a part of the brain system known for memory becomes stimulated. Take advantage of the brain putting in extra work to study.

Study in Small Intervals

Study for each class in small increments over a span of a few days. Choose to study certain classes each day and decide how long to study that topic for, allowing for breaks in between. Breaking up an amount of information being retained allows for a better chance of actually being able to recite information. 

Study in an Organized Area

Studying in an area full of clutter takes focus away from content. Studying in bed provides a temptation which distracts from studying. Be sure to place yourself in a relaxing space to remain focused and alert, free from any distractions.

Create Quizlets and Kahoots

Compile the most difficult topics and questions to create your own tools for each class. Personalizing Kahoots or Quizlets allows you to get the most out of these learning tools. This allows you to include the things you know you struggle with and provides the opportunity to go into as much depth as needed.

Study with Friends

Studying with friends or in a study group creates a different way to absorb information; each member may hold helpful different suggestions and strategies on how to study Asking questions to people you feel comfortable with also provides a great aspect of a study group while preparing for exams. 

Eat Clean

Leading up to exam week, eat foods full of nutrients and vitamins. Foods heavy in protein such as almonds, eggs, blueberries, vegetables, and oatmeal help improve mental clarity and concentration. 


As the stress of midterms continue to take over students, it remains important to consider what you are able to do for your mind and body in order to lengthen the odds of doing well on exams. While this stressful semester begins to wrap up, a fresh start waits at the other side. Good luck on exams, Bulldogs!

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