Ally Malcolm ‘17, Mackenzie Easlick ‘17, Lily Venditti ‘17-

With homecoming week quickly approaching, the girls of the junior and senior classes gear up for this year’s Powderpuff game, set for October 12th. For juniors, playing football will be a first time experience and a chance to come together as class, but for seniors it’s a chance to leave high school with a win. The Powderpuff game remains a deeply rooted staple in Romeo’s spirit week for more than 20 years, and still continues to pool both grades together for this much anticipated game.

¨I’m excited to play with my friends as a team,” Lizette LeBoulch ‘17 said.

The halls of Romeo High School continue to roar with talk of who will win the game. With the seniors losing a close game last year, they are back with a fiery drive for victory.

“Because it’s our last year all together, and winning would be a lot more fun,” Alexandra Giordano ‘16 said.

Spirit week quickly approaches and Powderpuff is just one of the three gender reverse sports for the night. In addition there will be a boys dance and cheer team participating in the excitement, while fans from all grades take to the bleachers to watch.

Cheerleaders clap and jump, different from the normal cheerleaders; they are not girls.

Powderpuff cheerleaders normally spend their time reinforcing their masculinity switch it up and embrace their more feminine side. The boys are excited to put aside their pre-formed notions of what cheerleading is and try something new with open minds.

“I’ve never seen guys this good at tumbling; I’m excited to see how it turns out,” Jennifer Stofflet ‘17 said. Stofflet coaches the Powderpuff cheer team this year.

Excitement is all around and the school waits on edge for the big reveal.

Romeo’s dance team always adds extra excitement to home football games. With these ladies, the crowd can always look forward to a perfect halftime show. However, for this special week, there will be a few changes. Since many dancers traded in their bedazzled uniforms for football jerseys, the Romeo boys insist on taking over halftime. After all, the show must go on.

“It will be a good year because the captains are going to make up a good dance,” Alecia Stankiewicz ‘16 said. “The guys always have a fun attitude, are always positive and make everyone laugh.” Stankiewicz coaches the boys’ dance team this year.

The boys intend to lighten the competitive mood between juniors and seniors by dancing their hearts out, as they try to dance as well as the talented team they mimic. This year’s Powderpuff boys’ determination to put a smile on the crowd’s face raises further excitement for the game.

With all the fun gender switched roles, powder puff is certain to have something for everyone. The event is creative, competitive and always a great way to show school spirit during homecoming week.

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